Desactivar el keylogger de Windows 10 y el resto de las herramientas de espionaje de #Microsoft

Publicado el 3 ago. 2015

Comandos para eliminar el keylogger en el siguiente enlace de pastebin. Sigue el videotutorial para saber como ejecutarlos en el sistema:
(PD: el enlace anterior NO es un enlace de descarga, solo sirve para copiar los comandos. Es como un bloc de notas online)



Keiser Report en español: ‘Simular hasta conseguirlo’ (E625) + Robert David Steele

Robert David Steele

Publicado el 10/7/2014

Hoy, en Keiser Report, Max y Stacy tratan el tema del colapso de la economía de Estados Unidos que está utilizando la técnica de ´simular hasta conseguirlo´ como medio para combatir la depresión económica. El problema es que este declive no es un estado mental, sino una realidad. En la segunda mitad, Max entrevista al exagente de la CIA y cocreador del Centro de Inteligencia del Cuerpo de Marines, Robert David Steele.

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Firefox OS

Firefox OS3 (nombre clave: Boot to Gecko o B2G)4 es un sistema operativo móvil, basado en Linux, de código abierto, para smartphones y tabletas. Es desarrollado por Mozilla Corporation bajo el apoyo de otras empresas como Telefónica5 y una gran comunidad de voluntarios de todo el mundo. Este sistema operativo está enfocado especialmente en los dispositivos móviles incluidos los de gama baja. Está diseñado para permitir a las aplicaciones HTML5 comunicarse directamente con el hardware del dispositivo usando JavaScript y open web APIs.4 Ha sido mostrado en smartphones6 7 y Raspberry Pi,8 compatibles con Android

El 1° de julio de 2013, Telefónica comenzó la venta de terminales con Firefox OS.9 ZTE ha confirmado en la CES 2013 que comercializará un smartphone con Firefox OS.10



China Suspected of Hacking U.S.

Sophisticated and extensive study on China’s systematic hacking. The report, issued by Mandiant, is pivotal in understanding the lengths and degree to which Chinese hackers are going and how deeply entrenched within the government they are. So far, China denies it all.



Tor on Android

Android QR code

Orbot: Mobile Anonymity + Circumvention

Gibberbot: Secure Instant Messaging

Orweb: Proxy+Privacy Browser

UDP Tester

Allow to send a datagram to a remote location, and optionally receive a datagram as answer. Main use case is to check that a correct NAT/firewall configuration is setup to access a UDP server from a public address, when there is no possible access to a machine that can call from the outside.

Tags: udptester, udp untuk android, udp tester, udp test android, download udp tester android.

Connect Cat

A Netcat like applilication.
Connect to host and send anything.

– send data interactively
– send data from the file on the strage
– line separator can be specified
– charactercode can be specified

* You need OI FileManager to send a file.

My twetter: @teru_kusu

The Nessus Android.

The Nessus Android app, from Tenable Network Security Inc., enables you to log into your Nessus scanners and start, stop and pause vulnerability scans as well as analyze the results directly from your Android device.

This mobility helps improving the efficiency of your Incident Response process by letting you quickly log into a Nessus scanner from your phone to search previous scan results or check the status of an on-going scan.

(Requires an access to version 4.2 of the Nessus server, or newer)


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Soluciones de seguridad empresarial desde la nube. Nuevos retos: protección de terminales. #ESET

Publicado el 07/05/2012 por 

Charla impartida por Fernando de la Cuadra, de la empresa Eset para el evento Gira Up to Secure que tuvo lugar en Madrid el día 25 de Enero de 2012.


e-Mintza #autismo #autism


































De izquierda a derecha, Joaquín Fuentes, Ane Basurco y Fermín Sánchez, responsables de e-Mintza. / JAVIER HERNÁNDEZ

De izquierda a derecha, Joaquín Fuentes, Ane Basurco y Fermín Sánchez, responsables de e-Mintza. / JAVIER HERNÁNDEZ
















e-Mintza es un sistema personalizable y dinámico de comunicación aumentativa y alternativa dirigido a personas con autismo o con barreras de comunicación oral o escrita. Funciona sobre diferentes dispositivos táctiles y no táctiles: ordenadores de sobremesa, netbooks, portátiles y tabletas que soporten la tecnología Adobe Air, en este caso, para tabletas, la resolución mínima de la pantalla es de 1024×600.

El proyecto es multiplataforma, está preparado para funcionar sobre Windows, MacOS y en tabletas con Android a partir de la versión 2.2.

No está disponible para iPad.

Descarga para Android / Descarga para Windows / Descarga para MacOS


Attack Vectors on mobile Devices

Mobile devices are everywhere – and they get smarter by the minute (at least they get more functionality by the second). This is a threat to business and a treat for attackers. But are mobile devices safe? This talk looks at physical and psychological aspects of mobile device security, and also covers the various types of software attacks! Tam Hanna gave an overview in his presentation at the DeepSec 2011 security conference.



Cracking GSM by Karsten Nohl

This is the GSM security follow-up to DeepSec 2007. Karsten Nohl explains the state of GSM security by adressing the weaknesses of GSM A5 encryption. Karsten held this talk at the DeepSec conference in 2009. [archivo viejo pero muy interesante]


Karsten Nohl speaks about GSM: „The popular GSM cell phone standard uses outdated security and provides much less protection than its increasing use in security applications suggests. Our research aims to correct the disconnect between technical facts and security perception by creating a GSM tool that allows users to record and analyze GSM data to see what security features were really implemented by their operator. The talk discusses a GSM debugging tool that consists entirely of open source software and open radio hardware. We will demonstrate how to record and decode GSM calls, even encrypted ones.“

The talk was held at the DeepSec 2010 conference.



Hacksperger’s recomienda Kaspersky Tablet Security

You vigilantly protect PC – you should also do the same with your tablet

Android Tablet Kaspersky

Android Tablet Kaspersky

Kaspersky Tablet Security protects your Android tablet and personal information stored on it with advanced anti-theft features that can block, wipe and locate your lost or stolen tablet – and even take a “mugshot” picture of the thief. Plus, real-time Internet threat protection and virus-scanning of downloaded files and apps keep you safe online with minimal impact on tablet resources.

World-Class Anti-Malware Protection
• Automatic virus-scanning of downloaded apps
• Cloud-enabled protection for rapid reaction against new viruses, spyware, trojans, bots and more

Internet Threat Protection
• Real-time protection against dangerous links and web-pages, including phishing websites

Anti-Theft Protection
• Remotely blocks your missing tablet – to secure your personal information
• Remotely wipes your sensitive information from your tablet
• Remotely locates your lost or stolen tablet – using GPS, GSM or Wi-Fi, and Google Maps
•  “Mugshot” feature to identify unauthorised users of your tablet – by secretly taking their photograph and sending it to you

Personal Web Account for Remote Management
• Allows easy communication with your lost or stolen tablet: activate block, data wipe, find and mugshot commands, and review logs of recent activities

Maximum Performance
• Small, frequent updates to minimise impact on tablet performance

Optimised Interface
• Product interface has been optimised for Android tablets – to boost usability and performance


Blackhat 2010 Attacking Phone Privacy Karsten Nohl

Karsten Nohl
Former Graduate Student
Computer Science Department
University of Virginia

Contact Information

PGP: 0ECC 358C 2595 1058 7861 4400 7DE2 766E 787C 2265
S/MIME: CertificateCA