The Prostitution Debate: Extended Edition


On 3 June 2013, a debate on sex work was arranged by Solas, Centre for Public Christianity. The debaters were Laura Lee (Sex worker rights campaigner, blogger and sex worker), Douglas Fox (of theInternational Union of Sex Workers, editor of the blog Harlots Parlour and sex worker), Rhoda Grant MSP (who has put forward a Bill to criminalise sex purchase in Scotland) and Richard Lucas (a minister and member of Solas – you can read his blog here). Laura Lee and Douglas Fox were debating against Richard Lucas and Rhoda Grant.

The debate opened with a statement by each of the panel. Laura Lee told her story of how she was working as an independent escort when a member of the community outed her on “every social media platform they could find”. She and her 7 year old daughter were bullied, her car was vandalized and her daughter was told by a well-respected, churchgoing adult man that her mother “will die of AIDS” – a statement which caused the child to panic as she believed it. A paedophile who had returned from a long prison sentence for molesting children was accepted by the same community.

Rhoda Grant’s main points were that “demand is met by coercion” and sex work is “trafficking”, not free choice. Ms Grant confused sex work with paedophilia and child abuse. She used Syrian women to back up her argument which isn’t relevant to her Bill as its scope is UK-limited.

Laura Lee took offence to Grant’s use of the term “prostituted women”. Laura said “It suggests we can’t consent to sex because we’re not there of our own free will. But we can, just like a barman can refuse to serve a customer.” She said that clients have reported incidents of violence towards sex workers to Crimestoppers and that the Ugly Mugs scheme which protects sex workers by creating a database of violent clients is now at risk due to funding.



International Union of Sex Workers


WHERE IS THE JUSTICE? – Sex Work in Hungary

Sex work

Sex work

Joint film of SZEXE and HCLU

The Association of Hungarian Sex Workers (SZEXE) wishes to serve the interests and needs of sex workers in Hungary and Hungarian sex workers abroad. We foster the equal opportunities and human rights of sex workers since we believe that sex workers are human beings who have the same human rights as any other people. Building on the needs of various sex worker groups and their involvement in programming, we aim at protecting their rights, increasing their access to quality health and social services and lobbying for a more appropriate legal environment free of discrimination and exploitation. At the same time, we attempt to help those sex workers who wish to quit to spend as little time in prostitution as possible and have higher chances to find employment in other fields.

The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union produced an advocacy film together with SZEXE, in which they attempt to give an overview of Hungarian sex workers’ situation and come up with recommendations for addressing the problems.

Report on Violence and
Discrimination against Female Sex
Workers by State and Non-State
Actors in Hungary


La prostitution n’est pas illégale et pourtant… une répression massive s’abat sur les personnes prostituées lyonnaises




















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Sex Workers’ Rights Organizing: Women’s Worlds 2011 interview

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Interview (start 3:45) with Chris Bruckert, Frédérique Chabot and Tuulia Law – of POWER, Students for Sex Worker Rights, and Sex Professionals of Canada.
At Women’s Worlds 2011 conference in Ottawa, July 7th.

POWER: Prostitutes of Ottawa/Gatineau Work, Educate, and Resist —

Students for Sex Worker Rights (at University of Ottawa)

Sex Professionals of Canada (SPOC) —

**** Video / interview by: ****
Greg Macdougall —

At 02:15 the video shown is from:
“Flesh Mapping: Prostitution in a Globalized World” — Women’s Worlds 2011
from womensworlds2011, Creative Commons Attribution license



Sex Work

Discussing the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, December 17.

Some Local Sex Worker Rights Organizations:
Ottawa – POWER:
Toronto – Maggie’s:
Montreal – Stella:
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