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La gente necesita trabajar

La gente necesita trabajar

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Detroit Vs. Everybody (Behind The Scenes)



Anonymous – Inside The Dark Web Full Documentary

Inside ......

Inside ……

Publicado el 8/11/2014

Anonymous – Inside The Dark Web Full Documentary
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Twenty-five years after the World Wide Web was created, the issue of surveillance has become the greatest controversy of its existence. With many concerned that governments and corporations can monitor people’s every move, this programme meets hackers and scientists who are using technology to fight back, as well as the law enforcement officers who believe it’s leading to opportunities for risk-free crimes.

With contributors including World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee and WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange.


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The Dirty Secrets of George Bush



A number of allegations have been written about and several local, state, and federal investigations have taken place related to the notion of the Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport as a CIA drop point in large scale cocaine trafficking beginning in the latter part of the 1980s. The topic has received some press coverage that has included allegations of awareness, participation and/or coverup involvement of figures such as future presidents Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush, as well future Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Saline County prosecutor Dan Harmon (who was convicted of numerous felonies including drug and racketeering charges in 1997). The Mena airport was also associated with Adler Berriman (Barry) Seal, an American drug smuggler and aircraft pilot who flew covert flights for the CIA and the Medellín Cartel.

A criminal investigator from the Arkansas State Police, Russell Welch, who was assigned to investigate Mena airport claimed that he opened a letter which released electrostatically charged Anthrax spores in his face, and that he had his life saved after a prompt diagnosis by a doctor. He also claimed that later, his doctor’s office was vandalized, robbed, and test results and correspondence with the CDC in Atlanta were stolen,

An investigation by the CIA’s inspector general concluded that the CIA had no involvement in or knowledge of any illegal activities that may have occurred in Mena. The report said that the agency had conducted a training exercise at the airport in partnership with another Federal agency and that companies located at the airport had performed “routine aviation-related services on equipment owned by the CIA”.


How Lobbyists Secretly Run Washington: The Rich, Money & Influencing Congress, Government (1993)

La Lupa Mágica

La Lupa Mágica











Publicado el 21/03/2014

Lobbying in the United States describes paid activity in which special interests hire well-connected professional advocates, often lawyers, to argue for specific legislation in decision-making bodies such as the United States Congress. It is a highly controversial phenomenon, often seen in a negative light by journalists and the American public, and frequently misunderstood. While lobbying is subject to extensive and often complex rules which, if not followed, can lead to penalties including jail, the activity of lobbying has been interpreted by court rulings as free speech and protected by the US Constitution. Since the 1970s, lobbying activity has grown immensely in terms of the numbers of lobbyists and the size of lobbying budgets, and has become the focus of much criticism of American governance. Since lobbying rules require extensive disclosure, there is a wealth of data in the public sphere about which entities lobby, how, at whom, and for how much. The current pattern suggests much lobbying is done by corporations, although a wide variety of coalitions representing diverse groups is possible. Lobbying happens at every level of government, including federal, state, county, municipal, and even local governments. In Washington, DC, lobbying usually targets congresspersons, although there have been efforts to influence executive agency officials as well as US Supreme Court appointments. It has been the subject of academic inquiry in various fields, including economics, law, and public policy. While lobbyists number of 12,000 people in Washington, DC, those with real clout number in the dozens, and a small group of firms handles much of lobbying in terms of expenditures. As an activity, lobbying takes time to learn, requires skill and sensitivity, depends on deft persuasion, and has much in common with generally non-political activities such as management consulting and public relations.


Numerous reports chronicle the revolving door phenomenon.[42] A 2011 estimate suggested that nearly 5,400 former congressional staffers had become federal lobbyists over a ten-year period, and 400 lawmakers made a similar jump.[46] It is a “symbiotic relationship” in the sense that lobbying firms can exploit the “experience and connections gleaned from working inside the legislative process”, and lawmakers find a “ready pool of experienced talent.”[46] There is movement in the other direction as well: one report found that 605 former lobbyists had taken jobs working for lawmakers over a ten-year period.[46] A study by the London School of Economics found 1,113 lobbyists who had formerly worked in lawmakers’ offices.[46] The lobbying option is a way for staffers and lawmakers to “cash in on their experience”, according to one view.[28] Before the 1980s, staffers and aides worked many years for congresspersons, sometimes decades, and tended to stay in their jobs; now, with the lure of higher-paying lobbying jobs, many would quit their posts after a few years at most to “go downtown.”[28]

And it is not just staffers, but lawmakers as well, including high-profile ones such as congressperson Richard Gephardt. He represented a “working-class” district in Missouri for many years but after leaving Congress, he became a lobbyist.[80] In 2007, he began his own lobbying firm called “Gephardt Government Affairs Group” and in 2010 it was earning close to $7 million in revenues with clients including Goldman Sachs, Boeing, Visa Inc., Ameren Corporation, and Waste Management Inc..[80] Senators Robert Bennett and Byron Dorgan became lobbyists too.[81] Mississippi governor Haley Barbour became a lobbyist.[82] In 2010, former representative Billy Tauzin earned $11 million running the drug industry’s lobbying organization. called the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.[80] Many former representatives earned over $1 million in one year, including James Greenwood and Daniel Glickman.

When getting access is difficult, there are ways to wear down the walls surrounding a legislator. Jack Abramoff explained:
Access is vital in lobbying. If you can’t get in your door, you can’t make your case. Here we had a hostile senator, whose staff was hostile, and we had to get in. So that’s the lobbyist safe-cracker method: throw fundraisers, raise money, and become a big donor.
—Lobbyist Jack Abramoff in 2011


Asuntos Sucios

Asuntos Sucios














PDF:  Lobbying Success in the United States and the European Union:


PDF: Lobbying Reform in the United States and the European Union:


PDF: Regulating Lobbyists: A Comparative, Analysis of the United States, Canada,

Germany and the European Union:




George Carlin | Terrorismo de Estado


George Dennis Carlin (Nueva York, 12 de mayo de 1937 – Santa Monica, 22 de junio de 2008) fue un cómico de Stand-up Comedy, actor y figura de la contracultura, conocido sobre todo por su monólogo Siete Palabras que no se pueden decir en televisión,1 grabado en su disco de 1972 Class Clown.

Fue nominado en el segundo puesto en la lista de la red de cable Comedy Central entre los 10 comediantes stand-up más importantes, por delante de Lenny Bruce y por detrás de Richard Pryor. Fue invitado varias veces al The Tonight Show durante la era de Johnny Carson y fue también la primera persona en ser anfitrión del popular show de la TV estadounidense Saturday Night Live.

Tras haber grabado veinticinco discos, catorce especiales de la HBO, publicado cinco libros, haber participado en varias películas y protagonizado su propia serie de televisión, Carlin murió el 22 de junio del 2008 a causa de un infarto de miocardio.2



2013 Drone Summit: Noor and Medea Introduction

We are proud to say that the 2013 CODEPINK Global Drone Summit was a major success, with over 400 attendees, plus thousands watching our livestream and C-SPAN coverage, and over 150 press clips.

Here are some actions you can take:

1. Watch the morning of the summit on C-SPAN, including Dr. Cornel West’s inspiring opening remarks. Check out and share photos from the Summit on Flickr.

2. Get two copies of Medea’s newly updated book, Drone Warfare: Killing By Remote Control. Keep one for yourself and donate the other to your local library!

3. Share this drone fact sheet with friends, colleagues & family. (http://codepink.org/article.php?id=5976)

4. Get a CODEPINK “Drone Free Zone” t-shirt in pink or gray!

5. Keep up to date with the latest drone news on Global Drones Watch.

Thanks again to everyone who turned up, tuned in online, followed on Twitter, and donated to the summit. Our greatest love and appreciation for all you did to make it possible! Now let’s get to work.

Spain Drone

Spain Drone

chip, chip, chip....

chip, chip, chip….


via: http://bigstory.ap.org/article/yemen-terror-boss-left-blueprint-waging-jihad

FILE - This image provided by IntelCenter on Dec. 30, 2009, shows a frame made from video released Jan. 23, 2009 by al-Malahim Media Foundation, the media arm of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, with a man identified as Nasser al-Wahishi. In 2012, a year before a communication was intercepted of him discussing the terror plot that prompted early August 2013's sweeping closure of U.S. embassies abroad, al-Qaida's top operative in Yemen laid out his blueprint for how to wage jihad in letters sent to a fellow terrorist. Al-Wahishi provided a step-by-step assessment of what worked and what didn't in Yemen. He urged his fellow jihadist to provide food, clean water and electricity to the people living in the areas they control. He even offers tips for more efficient garbage collection. (AP Photo/IntelCenter, File)

FILE – This image provided by IntelCenter on Dec. 30, 2009, shows a frame made from video released Jan. 23, 2009 by al-Malahim Media Foundation, the media arm of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, with a man identified as Nasser al-Wahishi. In 2012, a year before a communication was intercepted of him discussing the terror plot that prompted early August 2013’s sweeping closure of U.S. embassies abroad, al-Qaida’s top operative in Yemen laid out his blueprint for how to wage jihad in letters sent to a fellow terrorist. Al-Wahishi provided a step-by-step assessment of what worked and what didn’t in Yemen. He urged his fellow jihadist to provide food, clean water and electricity to the people living in the areas they control. He even offers tips for more efficient garbage collection. (AP Photo/IntelCenter, File)

TIMBUKTU, Mali (AP) — A year before he was caught on an intercept discussing the terror plot that prompted this week’s sweeping closure of U.S. embassies abroad, al-Qaida’s top operative in Yemen laid out his blueprint for how to wage jihad in letters sent to a fellow terrorist.

In what reads like a lesson plan, Nasser al-Wahishi provides a step-by-step assessment of what worked and what didn’t in Yemen. But in the never-before-seen correspondence, the man at the center of the latest terror threat barely mentions the extremist methods that have transformed his organization into al-Qaida’s most dangerous branch.

Instead, he urges his counterpart in Africa whose fighters had recently seized northern Mali to make sure the people in the areas they control have electricity and running water. He also offers tips for making garbage collection more efficient.

“Try to win them over through the conveniences of life,” he writes. “It will make them sympathize with us and make them feel that their fate is tied to ours.”

The perhaps surprising hearts-and-minds approach advocated by the 30-something Wahishi, who spent years as Osama bin Laden’s personal secretary, is a sign of a broader shift within al-Qaida. After its failure in Iraq, say experts who were shown the correspondence, the terror network realized that it is not enough to win territory: They must also learn to govern it if they hope to hold it.

“People in the West view al-Qaida as only a terrorist organization, and it certainly is that … but the group itself is much broader, and it is doing much more,” says Gregory Johnsen, a scholar at Princeton University whose book, “The Last Refuge,” charts the rise of al-Qaida in Yemen. “The group sees itself as an organization that can be a government.”

via: http://bigstory.ap.org/article/yemen-terror-boss-left-blueprint-waging-jihad

Drone #CivilWar

Drone #CivilWar

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued certificates for two types of unmanned aircraft for civilian use. The move is expected to lead to the first approved commercial drone operation later this summer.

The two unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are the Scan Eagle X200 and Aero Vironment’s PUMA. They both measure around 4 ½ feet long, weighing less than 55 pounds, and have a wing span of ten and nine feet respectively.

Both the Scan Eagle and the PUMA received “restricted category type certificates”which permit aerial surveillance. Prior to the FAA’s decision, the only way the private sector could operate UAS in US airspace was by obtaining an experimental airworthiness certificate which specifically restricts commercial operations.

The PUMA is expected to support emergency response crews for wildlife surveillance and oil spill monitoring over the Beaufort Sea to the north of Canada and Alaska. The Scan Eagle will be used by a major energy company off the Alaskan Coast to survey ice floes and migrating whales in Arctic oil exploration areas.

The issuing of the certificates is seen as an important step to integrating UAS into US airspace. Both drone operations will meet the requirements of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, which includes a mandate to increase Arctic UAS commercial operations.

Most non-military use of drones in the US has so far been limited to the police and other government agencies. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in March that drones will soon be used by the NYPD and will become as ubiquitous as security cameras.

Documents released by the American civil Liberties Union (ACLU) via the Freedom of Information Act have revealed that the US Marshals Service has also experimented with the use of drones for domestic surveillance.

Military drones are used extensively by the US Air Force for targeting terrorist suspects in several countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen.

The strikes have been highly controversial, as they are ordered without the knowledge or participation of the countries concerned, and are sometimes inaccurate and kill civilians.

Pakistan’s relations with the US have been soured because of drone strikes. Just last month, the new government in Islamabad summoned a top US envoy who was given a letter of protest against drone strikes by the US military.

In May, a Pakistani court ruled that US drone strikes in its tribal regions should be considered war crimes, and that the government should use force to protect its civilians.



Big Brother #1984 #1776

Big Brother #1984 #1776

Total: mucho ruido de fondo para contaminar el sonido real, esa cosa denominada “realidad”. El asunto consiste en desviar la atención elevando el nivel del “problema”, desviando la atención desde la masa apática hasta los administradores del régimen sistemático. Como si el “problema” consistiera básicamente en un enredo de la altas esferas, donde la élite de la dominación burocrática se entretuviera espiándose entre sí por puro aburrimiento y los ciudadanos que integran la masa sucia fueran meros espectadores poco atentos, devaluados, obviados descaradamente, prescindibles, de la resolución de divergencias menudas sobre temas menores que solo incumben a los “altos”. Los “medios” y los “bajos” al margen, pero no, la verdad es fundamentalmente otra y es que los gobiernos que resultan de nuestros votos en nombre de la seguridad nacional se dedican a espiarnos a nosotros con una intensidad y una dedicación obsesivas, financiando sus actividades ocultas y secretas con el producto del sudor de nuestra frente via impuestos, todo muy legal a simple vista, pero NO. Porque los fondos provienen de actividades legales, alegales e ilegales. Así se practica una delincuencia de “alto vuelo” en nombre del pueblo y para el pueblo, cuando la verdad es que la rebaja indecente de nuestras libertades civiles es una obscenidad inadmisible, regular desde la mentira, inventar alegremente “norma” desde la trampa y el atajo para resolver pretendidamente problemas “creados” por injerencias bélicas, políticas suicidas, megalomanías personales, narcisismos de pacotilla, estrategias de intervención bizarras, intromisiones económicas intolerables y perversas, obscenidad inadmisible como digo con la coartada de asegurar nuestra seguridad. Esta vigilancia obstinada, practicada por una porción menor de funcionarios con privilegios legales, formales y morales desorbitados, que actuan con una impunidad repugnante, todo un poder enfrentado al primer poder de la ciudadanía soberana, afecta inaceptablemente a todos y cada uno de los “ordenes” de nuestra vida e influye en TODO, porque al final lo regula TODO, desde el precio del pan hasta la dirección de la investigación tecnológica, TODO, en su propio beneficio, NO en el nuestro. No cumplen con su obligación, no rinden cuentas, ocultan actividades e información a los dirigentes, gestionan la información proporcionando datos irrelevantes, falsos o contaminados, para impulsar desde los gobiernos ( así legalizan sus actividades como se blanquea el dinero ), proyectos y planesparticulares, privados, participando en un juego de poder atroz que ocasiona males infernales. Si los gobiernos actuales ( con el respaldo de la ciudadanía ) no responden de inmediato poniendo verdadera LEY y verdadero ORDEN en esos complejos escindidos del poder real constituido, delincuentes globales, actuantes por su cuenta, utilizando el poder judicial para regular democráticamente ese CISMA peligrosísimo, corremos el peligro real, creerme, de perder nuestras libertades, nuestras democracias, nuestros sueños y esperanzas. RESCATEMOS NUESTRAS LIBERTADES YA, AHORA. Atentamente.

Desde la sombra: Espionaje total electrónico: Herramienta exclusiva de EE.UU. (E45)

EE.UU., una potencia que se considera “exclusiva” y extraterritorial. Un imperio que se como “centro omnipresente” con derechos de control total tanto en el exterior como dentro del país. En este episodio Daniel Estulin afirma que en épocas anteriores nunca hemos visto una agresión semejante a los derechos de las personas y a las normas democráticas en EE.UU.

Todos los episodios:

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  • Daniel Estulin
  • Daniel Estulin es escritor, investigador y orador ruso. Hijo de padre científico y madre pianista, trabajó como agente de contraespionaje del Servicio Federal de Seguridad. Habla ruso, inglés y español.

POLL / ENCUESTA ON/OFF [01] A MILLENNIUM OF DARKNESS #vota #vote #hELLOdAVE #totalblackoutdigital #DEL #ERASE





vote now

vote now

Jacob Applebaum, Brussels 2013-09-05 #TOR #CivilLiberties

In the European Parliament Civil Liberties committee hearing on USA Spying

El derecho a respirar

El derecho a respirar

Anonymous ►Protest PRISM ►August 31 #opPRISM

Anonymous Press Release NSA / PRISM (#opPRISM). Call to Action: Protest PRISM August 31. Welcome to fight for privacy and security in Operation PRISM.



Greetings world, we are Anonymous.
Anonymous has obtained some documents that “they” do not want you to see, and much to “their” chagrin, we have found them, and are giving them to you. These documents prove that the NSA is spying on you, and not just Americans. They are spying on the citizens of over 35 different countries. These documents contain information on the companies involved in GiG, and Prism.

Whats GiG you might ask? well…
The Global Information Grid will enable the secure, agile, robust, dependable, interoperable data sharing environment for the Department where warfighter, business, and intelligence users share knowledge on a global network that facilitates information superiority, accelerates decision-making, effective operations, and Net-Centric transformation.

Like we said, this is happening in over 35 countries, and done in cooperation with private businesses, and intelligence partners world wide. We bring this to you, So that you know just how little rights you have. Your privacy and freedoms are slowly being taken from you, in closed door meetings, in laws buried in bills, and by people who are supposed to be protecting you.

42782 235781 652472

42782 235781 652472

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Restore the Fourth and fight NSA surveillance! NMA supports you!

Restore the Fourth is a day of protest on July 4th calling for the protection of the US Constitution’s Fourth Amendment. Visit Restore the Fourth’s website to locate a protest near you. The movement started on Reddit and spread via 4Chan and Mozilla. Restore the Fourth will show that Americans won’t tolerate unaccountable government agencies violating their privacy.
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1984 1776 Big Brother #restorethe4th