The Emperor’s New Clothes Trailer – A Russell Brand & Michael Winterbottom film

Publicado el 27 mar. 2015

Special screenings April 21st followed by AN EVENING WITH RUSSELL BRAND Live event beamed to cinemas nationwide.

Fairytale, allegorical
1. Collective ignorance of an obvious fact, or deception, despite undeniable evidence.

World-famous British comedian and activist Russell Brand joins forces with acclaimed director Michael Winterbottom on a polemical documentary about the financial crisis and gross inequality we currently face. Starting with the genesis of today’s economic policies, with the arrival of Milton Friedman’s school of thought in Reagan’s leadership and Thatcher’s UK, the film explores how these policies have come to dominate the western world. The rich have got richer; where a CEO of a major British company used to earn 10 times the average wage of his workers, now they earn 200 times. According to Oxfam, the richest 80 people in the world own as much as the poorest 3.5 billion. It would now take 300 years for the average cleaner, cleaning the offices of his senior boss, to earn the same salary taken home by the same boss last year.

Milton Friedman once said that every crisis was an opportunity. The financial crisis of 2008 should have been a chance to reform the system for the benefit of everyone. But instead, austerity for everyone throughout Britain and Europe was the price to be paid for supporting the financial sector, with £131 billion spent by UK tax payers to keep the financial system afloat, while $30 trillion in support and subsidies went to Wall Street in the US.

Using a mixture of documentary, interviews, archive footage and comedy, Russell Brand takes us from his hometown Grays in Essex, to the heart of London ‘City’ and on to the Big Apple. This daring film will shake up the world by revealing the bewildering truth about how the people at the bottom are paying for the luxuries of those at the top.

Things can change…things do change.


Libertad de expresión #combo #StreetArt #Poet

Combo - Femen
Combo – Femen












COMBO, or COMBO Culture Kidnapper, is a French street artist who started by doing graffiti art in 2003 in the South of France. After seven years spent painting from Monaco to Marseille, he moved to Paris in 2010 and became an art director at a major advertising agency. Putting his spray paint cans aside, he then started doing wheat paste.

Combo’s work focuses around culture and visual jamming, as illustrated by his cartoon series[1],[2] in which he manipulates iconic pictures, replacing some elements by others taken from the comics or the video games universe to change these pictures’ meaning according to what he wants to express.

By appealing to generation Y’s pop culture, Combo hits his target at heart and takes it back to the unfairness that makes our world – whether cultural, financial or identity-related.

Combo was “savagely beaten” by “four youths” on 30 January 2015 and suffered a dislocated shoulder after he painted a wall at Porte Dorée near Paris with the word “coexist” where he replaced the “c” with the crescent moon used by Islam, the “x” with the Star of David, and the “t” with the Latin Cross.[3]

Combo Culture
Combo Culture


Work by Combo
Work by Combo




Chai Jing’s review: Under the Dome – Investigating China’s Smog 柴静雾霾调查:穹顶之下

Publicado el 1 de mar. de 2015

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Former celebrity TV anchor Chai Jing, quit her job after her baby daughter was born with lung tumor, and after a year of rigorous investigation, launched this 1 hour 40 minutes documentary about China’s smog: what is smog? Where does it come from? What do we do from here? It is very powerful in many ways. English subtitles of the documentary is not available, but if you can, grab a Chinese friend and watch it with you.




Keiser Report en español: Las disculpas del HSBC por el menor de sus crímenes (E720)


Publicado el 17 de feb. de 2015

Max y Stacy comentan las disculpas del HSBC para el menor de sus crímenes: evadir impuestos a través de su filial suiza Private Wealth, sin mencionar la manipulación del mercado de divisas y el lavado de dinero para los cárteles de la droga mexicanos y colombianos que llevó a cabo la entidad.
En la segunda parte, Max entrevista a Mitch Feierstein con el que conversará sobre el efecto Carney en el dólar canadiense y las burbujas inmobiliarias en Canadá y el Reino Unido.

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El mejor discurso político de la historia reciente #rebeldía #revolution

Publicado el 3 de jul. de 2012

Julio Anguita es un intelectual y político comunista español. Profesor de historia, posteriormente fue alcalde de Córdoba (1979-1986), secretario general del Partido Comunista de España (1988-1998) y coordinador general de IU (1989-2000). Actualmente jubilado, cobra íntegramente su pensión como profesor, renunciando así a la pensión vitalicia por haber sido diputado. Desgraciadamente no llegó a ser presidente del gobierno, y así nos va. El discurso data de 1999. Un ejemplo a seguir.