The World If (reseteando el futuro inminente)


Reconsiderando el futuro inminente.



Marchas de la Dignidad #21M #22M #Dignidad


Se hace camino al andar

Se hace camino al andar

Fort Apache – Grecia contra la Troika

Publicado el 15 de mar. de 2015

El pasado 20 de Febrero el nuevo Gobierno de Grecia llegaba a un acuerdo con sus acreedores.

Tras el segundo Eurogrupo en una semana y el tercero desde que Syriza ganase las elecciones, el Gobierno del país heleno y las instituciones europeas acordaban extender el programa del rescate griego, que expiraba el 28 de Febrero, durante al menos cuatro meses más.

El texto del acuerdo, redactado por el ministro de Finanzas griego, Yanis Varoufakis, su homólogo alemán, Wolfgang Schäuble, y el presidente del Eurogrupo, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, contemplaba una lista de reformas a las que se compromete el Gobierno de Syriza como contrapartida a la ampliación de la ayuda financiera.

En Fort Apache, con una mesa de nivel, debatiremos sobre el papel de Grecia y el nuevo gobierno de Syriza en las negociaciones con la Troika.

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2015, comença el canvi. Pablo Iglesias y Gemma Ubasart



Emitido en directo el 21 de dic. de 2014

Retransmisión en directo del acto “2015, comença el canvi” desde el Centre Esportiu Municipal Olimpics Vall Hebron, Barcelona.
Intervendrán Pablo Iglesias y Gemma Ubasart.

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ARISTEGUI – “Entrevista a José Mujica” (completa)

Publicado el 24/10/2014

Carmen Aristegui entrevista a José Mujica Cordano, Presidente de Uruguay, desde la Ciudad de Montevideo.


Edward Snowden, A Truth Unveiled (Documentary)



Publicado el 7/7/2013

Hi MyLoyalViewers!, Today i will give you a glance at the Edward Snowden and the NSA Leaks controversy. What i want to achieve with this Non-Profit Research is give to all of you Correct & Reliable information about this topic so you can forge YOUR OWN OPINION informed. As i said before, this is a Non-Profit Documentary/Research created for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES. To obtain all the relevant information for you so you could be well informed, BytezAutomations use different CONTENT/MEDIA obtained from PUBLIC DOMAINS. Since we admit the fact that we couldn’t obtain all the corresponding permissions for some MEDIA, we strongly believe this information fulfills the Section 107 of the COPYRIGHT ACT (1976) which reads and I quote:

“Allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching,scholarship and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use”.

Since this Documentary/Research fulfills most (if not all) of this points, we RESPECT THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and Copyrights of their corresponding authors. That’s why we include all this MEDIA TITLES/AUTHORS/LINKS to their corresponding websites at Video Description. Also, i suggest all MyLoyalViewers to support this sites clicking on them ONLY if they decide to do so . Some information of this research have not been discussed on the “MAINSTREAM MEDIA”. The fact that “Tempora” stores the FULL DATA CONTENT and STORES IT ENTIRELY for 3 days and the “convenient” Google Privacy Policy CHANGE (June 24,2013) shows the importance of this Documentary to be viewed. We know this will cause issues and this channel “could be compromise” and we expect retaliation from Corporations or even the US Government. This is expected! If for some reason this channel is terminated, we want to make sure MyLoyalViewers know that our commitment with all of you remains strong. We strongly believe that the internet MUST BE FREE for everyone because its a tool which can be used for fight against IGNORANCE. Through all this year i gave the fight for ALL OF YOU!… hope YOUTUBE don’t K.O. me =)

Feel free to leave your comments on our channel BytezAutomations at YouTube and as I always say…


**P.S. Second part of my Research Here:
Title: Virtue, Checks and Balances (Documentary)

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Title:InfoStorm 2014

Thank You Edward Snowden!

———————– Credits & Information ————————

Who is Edward Snowden?

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden: ‘I don’t want to live in a society that does these sort of things’ by theta00
Copyright © 2013 Praxis Films / Laura Poitras

Reports: Venezuela extends asylum offer to Snowden by CNN

But, what is PRISM?

What is Tempora?

What the U.S. President have to say about this?
President Barack Obama sits down with Charlie Rose for an exclusive 45-minute interview at the White House, the President shares his thoughts on Syria, Iran, the NSA leaks controversy and more by Charlie Rose (PBS)
Copyright © 2012 Charlie Rose LLC. All rights reserved


What says the US Constitution (Bill of Rights) about privacy rights?

But what about privacy policy of YouTube/Google?

What is Anonymous?

Anonymous Message on PRISM and Edward Snowden by John Smith

NSA – Anonymous . Enough, elite. You are FINISHED. by Lea11011

Then You, My Friend, Are Anonymous. by UnforgivingAnon

Keiser Report en español. Sangre por petróleo (E641)

Desde New York…………….

Publicado el 16/8/2014

En este episodio de Keiser Report, Max y Stacy hablan del colapso del Imperio y del fracaso del intercambio de sangre por petróleo. También hablarán sobre el fin de la supremacía del dólar. En la segunda parte, Max entrevista al Dr. Michael Hudson con el que conversará sobre la máquina de guerra, la resolución del juez Griesa, el superimperialismo y el final de un ciclo de 60 años en el cual no hubo alternativa para el dólar.

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How Lobbyists Secretly Run Washington: The Rich, Money & Influencing Congress, Government (1993)

La Lupa Mágica

La Lupa Mágica











Publicado el 21/03/2014

Lobbying in the United States describes paid activity in which special interests hire well-connected professional advocates, often lawyers, to argue for specific legislation in decision-making bodies such as the United States Congress. It is a highly controversial phenomenon, often seen in a negative light by journalists and the American public, and frequently misunderstood. While lobbying is subject to extensive and often complex rules which, if not followed, can lead to penalties including jail, the activity of lobbying has been interpreted by court rulings as free speech and protected by the US Constitution. Since the 1970s, lobbying activity has grown immensely in terms of the numbers of lobbyists and the size of lobbying budgets, and has become the focus of much criticism of American governance. Since lobbying rules require extensive disclosure, there is a wealth of data in the public sphere about which entities lobby, how, at whom, and for how much. The current pattern suggests much lobbying is done by corporations, although a wide variety of coalitions representing diverse groups is possible. Lobbying happens at every level of government, including federal, state, county, municipal, and even local governments. In Washington, DC, lobbying usually targets congresspersons, although there have been efforts to influence executive agency officials as well as US Supreme Court appointments. It has been the subject of academic inquiry in various fields, including economics, law, and public policy. While lobbyists number of 12,000 people in Washington, DC, those with real clout number in the dozens, and a small group of firms handles much of lobbying in terms of expenditures. As an activity, lobbying takes time to learn, requires skill and sensitivity, depends on deft persuasion, and has much in common with generally non-political activities such as management consulting and public relations.


Numerous reports chronicle the revolving door phenomenon.[42] A 2011 estimate suggested that nearly 5,400 former congressional staffers had become federal lobbyists over a ten-year period, and 400 lawmakers made a similar jump.[46] It is a “symbiotic relationship” in the sense that lobbying firms can exploit the “experience and connections gleaned from working inside the legislative process”, and lawmakers find a “ready pool of experienced talent.”[46] There is movement in the other direction as well: one report found that 605 former lobbyists had taken jobs working for lawmakers over a ten-year period.[46] A study by the London School of Economics found 1,113 lobbyists who had formerly worked in lawmakers’ offices.[46] The lobbying option is a way for staffers and lawmakers to “cash in on their experience”, according to one view.[28] Before the 1980s, staffers and aides worked many years for congresspersons, sometimes decades, and tended to stay in their jobs; now, with the lure of higher-paying lobbying jobs, many would quit their posts after a few years at most to “go downtown.”[28]

And it is not just staffers, but lawmakers as well, including high-profile ones such as congressperson Richard Gephardt. He represented a “working-class” district in Missouri for many years but after leaving Congress, he became a lobbyist.[80] In 2007, he began his own lobbying firm called “Gephardt Government Affairs Group” and in 2010 it was earning close to $7 million in revenues with clients including Goldman Sachs, Boeing, Visa Inc., Ameren Corporation, and Waste Management Inc..[80] Senators Robert Bennett and Byron Dorgan became lobbyists too.[81] Mississippi governor Haley Barbour became a lobbyist.[82] In 2010, former representative Billy Tauzin earned $11 million running the drug industry’s lobbying organization. called the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.[80] Many former representatives earned over $1 million in one year, including James Greenwood and Daniel Glickman.

When getting access is difficult, there are ways to wear down the walls surrounding a legislator. Jack Abramoff explained:
Access is vital in lobbying. If you can’t get in your door, you can’t make your case. Here we had a hostile senator, whose staff was hostile, and we had to get in. So that’s the lobbyist safe-cracker method: throw fundraisers, raise money, and become a big donor.
—Lobbyist Jack Abramoff in 2011


Asuntos Sucios

Asuntos Sucios














PDF:  Lobbying Success in the United States and the European Union:


PDF: Lobbying Reform in the United States and the European Union:


PDF: Regulating Lobbyists: A Comparative, Analysis of the United States, Canada,

Germany and the European Union:




George Carlin | Terrorismo de Estado


George Dennis Carlin (Nueva York, 12 de mayo de 1937 – Santa Monica, 22 de junio de 2008) fue un cómico de Stand-up Comedy, actor y figura de la contracultura, conocido sobre todo por su monólogo Siete Palabras que no se pueden decir en televisión,1 grabado en su disco de 1972 Class Clown.

Fue nominado en el segundo puesto en la lista de la red de cable Comedy Central entre los 10 comediantes stand-up más importantes, por delante de Lenny Bruce y por detrás de Richard Pryor. Fue invitado varias veces al The Tonight Show durante la era de Johnny Carson y fue también la primera persona en ser anfitrión del popular show de la TV estadounidense Saturday Night Live.

Tras haber grabado veinticinco discos, catorce especiales de la HBO, publicado cinco libros, haber participado en varias películas y protagonizado su propia serie de televisión, Carlin murió el 22 de junio del 2008 a causa de un infarto de miocardio.2




Big Brother #1984 #1776

Big Brother #1984 #1776

Total: mucho ruido de fondo para contaminar el sonido real, esa cosa denominada “realidad”. El asunto consiste en desviar la atención elevando el nivel del “problema”, desviando la atención desde la masa apática hasta los administradores del régimen sistemático. Como si el “problema” consistiera básicamente en un enredo de la altas esferas, donde la élite de la dominación burocrática se entretuviera espiándose entre sí por puro aburrimiento y los ciudadanos que integran la masa sucia fueran meros espectadores poco atentos, devaluados, obviados descaradamente, prescindibles, de la resolución de divergencias menudas sobre temas menores que solo incumben a los “altos”. Los “medios” y los “bajos” al margen, pero no, la verdad es fundamentalmente otra y es que los gobiernos que resultan de nuestros votos en nombre de la seguridad nacional se dedican a espiarnos a nosotros con una intensidad y una dedicación obsesivas, financiando sus actividades ocultas y secretas con el producto del sudor de nuestra frente via impuestos, todo muy legal a simple vista, pero NO. Porque los fondos provienen de actividades legales, alegales e ilegales. Así se practica una delincuencia de “alto vuelo” en nombre del pueblo y para el pueblo, cuando la verdad es que la rebaja indecente de nuestras libertades civiles es una obscenidad inadmisible, regular desde la mentira, inventar alegremente “norma” desde la trampa y el atajo para resolver pretendidamente problemas “creados” por injerencias bélicas, políticas suicidas, megalomanías personales, narcisismos de pacotilla, estrategias de intervención bizarras, intromisiones económicas intolerables y perversas, obscenidad inadmisible como digo con la coartada de asegurar nuestra seguridad. Esta vigilancia obstinada, practicada por una porción menor de funcionarios con privilegios legales, formales y morales desorbitados, que actuan con una impunidad repugnante, todo un poder enfrentado al primer poder de la ciudadanía soberana, afecta inaceptablemente a todos y cada uno de los “ordenes” de nuestra vida e influye en TODO, porque al final lo regula TODO, desde el precio del pan hasta la dirección de la investigación tecnológica, TODO, en su propio beneficio, NO en el nuestro. No cumplen con su obligación, no rinden cuentas, ocultan actividades e información a los dirigentes, gestionan la información proporcionando datos irrelevantes, falsos o contaminados, para impulsar desde los gobiernos ( así legalizan sus actividades como se blanquea el dinero ), proyectos y planesparticulares, privados, participando en un juego de poder atroz que ocasiona males infernales. Si los gobiernos actuales ( con el respaldo de la ciudadanía ) no responden de inmediato poniendo verdadera LEY y verdadero ORDEN en esos complejos escindidos del poder real constituido, delincuentes globales, actuantes por su cuenta, utilizando el poder judicial para regular democráticamente ese CISMA peligrosísimo, corremos el peligro real, creerme, de perder nuestras libertades, nuestras democracias, nuestros sueños y esperanzas. RESCATEMOS NUESTRAS LIBERTADES YA, AHORA. Atentamente.

Vladimir Putin can be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Lo que faltaba.

Vladimir Putin can be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Organizers of the initiative refer to his indifferent response to the Syrian conflict and participation in the discussions of this problem on many different levels. Finally, Putin has recently made another statement about the need to destroy all stockpiles of chemical weapons in the world.

Beslan Kobakhia, vice-president of the International Academy of Spiritual Unity and Cooperation Among Peoples of the World:

“The carnage in Syria lasts for over a year already. Two million refugees, more than one hundred thousand were killed. They used chemical weapons, in fact fifteen days ago, there was a very serious threat of escalation of tensions and U.S. troops were ready to bomb Syria. This country is one of the key regions of the Middle East, and if the situation is destabilized in the Middle East completely, all other countries, including Iran, will find themselves involved. The world was standing on the brink of World War III, and the initiative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, which is formed by the president, provided an option to find a peaceful settlement of this crisis. Vladimir Putin played a huge role in that.”

According to organizers, the nomination of Vladimir Putin for the Nobel Peace Prize takes account of the merits of the President of Russia not only to its own people, but also to the whole world. They believe that the Russian leader has earned the right to receive this highly coveted award. Will the Nobel committee agree with that? What is your point of view on this?

El enigma ruso

El enigma ruso

Vladimir Putin Full Length Documentary: The Putin System

CBC’s “The Passionate Eye” presents The Putin System – a point-of-view documentary that presents an ominous view of what Putin is willing to do to ensure Russia regains its position on the world stage.

The Putin System chronicles the remarkable life of Putin, a tough, young leader who is not afraid to make harsh decisions and holds a secret purpose-to restore the old Russia of his dreams.

The Putin System is directed by Jean-Michel Carré in association with Jill Emery for the French production company Les Films Grain De Sable.


Vladimir Putin asegura que Rusia liderará economía de Europa

En términos de Producto Interno BrutoRusia “se está convirtiendo en la primera economía de Europa y la quinta en el mundo”, sostuvo hoy el presidente ruso, Vladimir Putin.

Lo aseguró en Moscú, en un foro sobre inversiones del banco Vtb, donde el líder del Kremlin dijo que sin embargo el país tiene una tasa de productividad muy baja, más de dos veces menos que los países desarrollados.

“El actual ritmo de crecimiento de la productividad laboral, es decir del 3,1% en 2012, no solo no permite reducir la brecha con países líderes, también impide la diversificación de una economía orientada hacia las materias primas”, dijo.

(Con información de RIA Novosti)

Desde la sombra: Espionaje total electrónico: Herramienta exclusiva de EE.UU. (E45)

EE.UU., una potencia que se considera “exclusiva” y extraterritorial. Un imperio que se como “centro omnipresente” con derechos de control total tanto en el exterior como dentro del país. En este episodio Daniel Estulin afirma que en épocas anteriores nunca hemos visto una agresión semejante a los derechos de las personas y a las normas democráticas en EE.UU.

Todos los episodios:

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  • Daniel Estulin
  • Daniel Estulin es escritor, investigador y orador ruso. Hijo de padre científico y madre pianista, trabajó como agente de contraespionaje del Servicio Federal de Seguridad. Habla ruso, inglés y español.

Noam Chomsky (June, 2013) “The Future of American Power”

Latest new lecture by Professor Noam Chomsky at the Left Forum (June, 2013) on “The Future of American Power”.




The 10 Days of the Resistance #oppupygezi