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Políticos Corruptos

Imagen capturada en un pueblo Guipuzkoano, Pasai.



Pintada popular

Pintada popular






























The Queen turns

The Queen turns graffiti artist (1:38)

Mar 17 – A London street artist depicts Queen Elizabeth II with a spray can in her hand. Gemma Haines reports. ( Transcript )

“Last Exit To Skewville” Presented by BSA [*]

“Last Exit To Skewville” Presented by BSA :

Brooklyn Street Art Presents nearly legendary Skewville live in action creating a BRAND NEW artwork on a GIANT Brooklyn wall called “Last Exit to Skewville” for Northside Open Studios!As part of the Northside Festival and Northside Open Studios June 16-19, 2011, New York’s famous Street Art high rollers Skewville will create a huge new street art cityscape installation on Williamsburgs’ North Side.

“Last Exit To Skewville” Presented by BSA











Toda la información: by Er1cBl41r



Er1cBl41r en Muchas gracias Jaime Rojo.

A city steeped in it’s own history and a deep respect for the cultural arts, Paris has also had a romance with New York – style graffiti since the early 1980s and has a thriving Street Art scene of it’s own making today. In yet another example of institutional recognition of the contribution of graffiti and Street Art, the city hosted an exemplary tribute to graffiti history two years ago with “Graffiti, Born in the Streets,” an exhibition that took over the gallery space of the Fondazione Cartier. The popular show included the building’s façade and the surrounding garden as well as large scale photos of tags and pieces displayed in the Paris Metro on buses, and of course, trains.

Recently photographer Er1cBl41r did a small survey of the Street Art scene in Paris and shares some images here. In this collection we can see that the techniques of stencils (many one-color), wheatpastes, direct painting, illustration, and of course the glued tiles of local street artist Invader are in many locations around the city.

Street Art Update: From Paris With Love


Unknown (photo © Er1cBl41r)


El Celso Mini Discoteca

FUENTE: ARTE EN LA CALLE [gracias a Jaime Rojo]*

It’s your last chance to dance like a maniac in their exclusive…El Celso Mini Discoteca.

37 Broadway (between Wythe and Kent)

Brooklyn, NY 11211
(917)  727-3466