OPEN – lgc skates Israel – short video


OPEN – lgc skates Israel – short video from Longboard Girls Crew on Vimeo.


Rule from the Shadows – The Psychology of Power – Part 1

It has always been in the interest of the ruling class to cultivate illusions which obscure the true nature of the game. Time to look behind the curtain.

Rule from the Shadows – The Psychology of Power – Part 1




Publicado el 7 ene. 2014

Time to look behind the curtain.
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Libertad de expresión #combo #StreetArt #Poet



Combo - Femen

Combo – Femen












COMBO, or COMBO Culture Kidnapper, is a French street artist who started by doing graffiti art in 2003 in the South of France. After seven years spent painting from Monaco to Marseille, he moved to Paris in 2010 and became an art director at a major advertising agency. Putting his spray paint cans aside, he then started doing wheat paste.

Combo’s work focuses around culture and visual jamming, as illustrated by his cartoon series[1],[2] in which he manipulates iconic pictures, replacing some elements by others taken from the comics or the video games universe to change these pictures’ meaning according to what he wants to express.

By appealing to generation Y’s pop culture, Combo hits his target at heart and takes it back to the unfairness that makes our world – whether cultural, financial or identity-related.

Combo was “savagely beaten” by “four youths” on 30 January 2015 and suffered a dislocated shoulder after he painted a wall at Porte Dorée near Paris with the word “coexist” where he replaced the “c” with the crescent moon used by Islam, the “x” with the Star of David, and the “t” with the Latin Cross.[3]

Combo Culture

Combo Culture


Work by Combo

Work by Combo






Cultura Ciudadana

Cultura Ciudadana

Publicado el 2 de feb. de 2015

Antanas Mockus es un colombiano excéntrico y polifacético. Filósofo y matemático, es también muy reconocido tanto en el ámbito de la pedagogía como en el del periodismo o la política. En Entrevista, de RT, reflexiona sobre la restauración del verdadero humanismo en la sociedad y la importancia del perdón. Además, explica cuáles son sus expectativas por lo que respecta a las negociaciones de paz entre las FARC y el gobierno colombiano que se reanudan este 2 de febrero.

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CRYING FREEDOM – GRITA LIBERTAD – 17 and 18 January – In all European Cities. #Freedom


Viva la Libertad!

European citizen, defend your freedom.

European citizen, defend your freedom of expression.

European citizen, defend your lifestyle.

European citizen, defend your civil liberties.

Death to Tyranny – Muerte a la Tiranía

#RT Please – #Pasalo – #RT Por Favor

Iniciativa Grupo 33

Dias 17 y 18 la fiesta de la libertad Europea. Grita libertad. Grita.

Dias 17 y 18 la fiesta de la libertad Europea. Grita libertad. Grita.

Sabado y domingo la por la dignidad y la RT pasalo

sabado y domingo en todas las ciudades de Europa gritar libertad pacificamente

Al grito de vamos a ocupar las ciudades de la pacificamente.

Este fin de semana vamos a ocupar ciudades pacificamente en toda la Europa libre.