Publicado el 28 ago. 2013

“THE AGE OF KENNEDY” is an outstanding “NBC White Paper” documentary that was first aired (in two parts) on the NBC Television Network in late May and early June of 1966.

The two “White Paper” programs (subtitled “The Early Years” and “The Presidency”) chronicle the life and political career of the 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

This black-and-white documentary is filled to the brim with excellent archival film footage of JFK and his family. This program is definitely one that should be seen and downloaded for future viewings. It’s absolutely wonderful.

Adding to the classy flavor of this particular JFK video biography is the frequent narration of distinguished actor Henry Fonda in the first half of the program, as Fonda reads words that were written by John Kennedy himself. Chet Huntley of NBC News also serves as a narrator throughout this 101-minute documentary.

In 1997, “The Age Of Kennedy” programs were released by NBC News on home video in a 2-Tape VHS collector’s set, with a slightly-altered title: “NBC White Papers: The Kennedy Era”.

©1966, 1997 National Broadcasting Company, Inc.
©1997 New Video Group, Inc.




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