The DMT Exploit – Brain Hack for Anonymous NWO Takedown. #MentalHacker

Publicado el 17 de feb. de 2015

The DMT Exploit
Brain hack for Anonymous NWO takedown.
N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT or N,N-DMT) also known as the Spirit molecule is a psychedelic compound of the tryptamine family.
DMT has a structural analog of serotonin and melatonin and a functional analog of other psychedelic tryptamines such as 4-AcO-DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, 5-OH-DMT, psilocybin (4-PO-DMT), and psilocin (4-OH-DMT).
A large dose of DMT is produced by the human body on just two occasions during a humans entire lifespan. The first being released during the first days of life in the womb as the soul is introduced to the body via the pineal gland in the newly forming brain. The second release is upon brain/body communication stating that the body is dead, the DMT is released throughout your brain and system, numbing pain, freeing the mind and separating the soul from the dying physical body ready for re-entry into the afterlife.
Much smaller amounts are released while sleeping, DMT is responsible for dreams and near-death experiences.
The drug separates the wall between your subconscious and conscious mind, essentially causing you to dream while wide awake.
A harmless but extremely potent hallucinogenic drug usually smoked in a freebase form. Extracted from naturally grown plants it is very highly prized among users of psychedelic drugs & almost impossible to find on the market. Usually made by the users themselves for personal use not retail.
The onset is sudden often within 30 seconds of the first inhale. Once the smoke is exhaled the body starts to vibrate, though this is entirely mental. The user will then settle down into a very deep, dream-like atmosphere consisting almost entirely of complex geometric shapes. Often users comment they have made contact with other entities during this period. The effects are very short, from 5 to 20 minutes depending on dose though the user may feel as though they have been “away” for much longer.
DMT fully opens the pineal gland also known as the seat of the soul or the third eye, instantly bringing the user to the highest evolutionary state of themselves & the Human soul.
Essentially DMT allows the user to access the inner higher consciousness with all information held in the cosmos available, known & understood by the user.
A being of pure conscious energy free from the limitations of a physical body & no longer subject to the “normal” laws of time & space.
Everything you ever were & everything you ever will be.
At one with the cosmos.
All seeing.
All knowing.
Satanic NWO scumbags… EXPECT US!

Very nice things are being said about this super SAFE & EASY method for extracting DMT from Mimosa Hostilis root bark. NO dangerous solvents, lye, naptha or anything else corrosive needed! WHOOPEE!
The recipe is as follows:

1. Evenly mix MHRB powder with an equal amount of sodium carbonate (available as Arm and Hammer washing soda)
2. Put you mixture in a large canning jar
3. Add your IPA (isopropyl alcohol) to the mixture, just enough to cover the mixture and enough so that it does not remain a “sludge”, but enough to make it “liquid-ie” enough for a proper shaking
4. Seal and then shake the crap out of the jar
5. Leave the jar to sit for a few hours, shaking occasionally. You can let it sit overnight but this is probably excessive
6. Pour out the IPA into another vessel (A pint glass works well), using a coffee filter to collect any solid material
7. Evaporate the IPA in a nice flat dish
8. When fully evaporated you should be left with a resinous material, anywhere from dark brown to red in colour, this is rich with DMT and other fun mimosa alkaloid but also some residual sodium carbonate and other crap left over.
It can be then be smoked as is or dissolved in warm IPA and further filtered for a purer product

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