#OpISIS Video Press Release by #Anonymous

To the citizens of the world we are Anonymous. Over the past several months we have watched the terrorist organization known as the Islamic State grow exponentially in size and have witnessed the atrocities that they have committed while the governments of the world do nothing and allow them to gain more power and territory with each passing day.
We have been watching and waiting. No longer can we stand idle and watch as these terrorists perpetrate crimes against humanity including murder, genocide, rape, child molestation, extortion, enslavement, human trafficking, forced prostitution, imprisonment and torture just to name a few.
The Islamic State has ambitions to circumvent free speech and the internet with the formation of a cyber caliphate designed to impose censorship upon all citizens of the world. In retaliation to these unforgivable crimes we have decided to engage the Islamic State.
We have not taken this action lightly nor the possible consequences however we can no longer wait for the governments of the world to respond while humanity suffers. These acts of brutality and censorship are inexcusable and will not be tolerated.
We appreciate those few in government whom still hold principles and believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to uphold human rights at all costs however we as a collective are sworn to protect the right to free speech against all those who would seek to destroy it though murder and intimidation.
To date Anonymous and Ghost Security have taken offline over eighty websites of the Islamic State and supporting Nations that were used primarily to recruit more terrorism, fund and circulate their propaganda of hatred. Furthermore we have removed hundreds of terrorist social media accounts being used for communication of future attacks against civilized nations and will continue to do so until we have completely dismantled their digital infrastructure.
We fully understand that due to the actions we take we exclude ourselves from the system where solutions are to be found. There are individual’s whom serve that purpose and are far more respectable than ourselves. These individuals voices come from the light and not the shadows and they will be heard.
Social media has changed the rules of the game. That is why we call upon you, students, teachers, activists, soldiers, parents, reporters, people from all over the world to unite and stand with us against this common threat. In order to achieve this our collective will be standing by to assist you in reaching this goal. It is time to wake up and not to sleep. With each day that goes by and we do nothing only served to strengthen their foothold. Our operations thus far have met with success. We have been able to turn social media and the internet into a weapon for change. We ask that everyone join us on Twitter and other social media platforms as a show of force that we as a people will no longer consent to fear or silence.
To the Islamic State we do not desire to negotiated with nor will we be negotiated with. Your efforts to censor the truth will come at great cost to you as will your attempts to silence us. Anonymous and the internet will continue to protect peoples right to free speech and human dignity from your inhumane ethics and twisted ideology.
You can attempt to suppress people but never the idea of freedom and humanity nor can you defeat us.

#OpISIS Video Press Release from GhostSecurity on Vimeo.

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