Anonymous Operation #Snowden2016

Publicado el 14 de feb. de 2015

Greetings Citizens of the World
We are Anonymous

In June of 2013 Edward Snowden made one of the most important leaks in world history. Edward Snowden released incontrovertible evidence that the United States government is not only using the NSA to spy on its own citizens, but people all over the world. Since that time we have seen little to no meaningful action. Media attention on the NSA mass surveillance program has been lackluster, to put it lightly. Likewise, elected officials have done what they do best, which is nothing.

What is worse, outcry from the people has been limited with most citizens going about their lives as the NSA silently stores their every move on government servers. That is why we at Anonymous have engaged operation #Snowden2016

The purpose of #Snowden2016 is simple, to insert the issues raised by Edward Snowden into public discourse in any and all ways possible. In 2016 the United States will be holding national elections. Elected officials, new and old, will attempt to convince people to vote for them, all the while ignoring the NSA surveillance scandal that has gone entirely unaddressed. #Snowden2016 will take advantage of the media hype to bring the matter of mass surveillance into the spotlight at every turn. We will use all methods including: social media, protests and demonstrations, twitter storms, paper storms, street activism and of course hacks.

#Snowden2016 will also use what remains of the United States’ broken electoral system to hijack the 2016 elections in order to demand action on the Snowden leaks. Anons, occupiers, protesters and others will spread materials supporting Edward Snowden for President of the United States. Of course we do not expect an honest person to be elected to the highest office of the land, but campaigning the issue in this way will ensure the Snowden leaks are discussed as part of the 2016 election debate. If Edward Snowden were to appear on the ballot, politicians would be unable to ignore his leaks. While the Republican and Democratic parties bicker over who they will nominate for the office of President, the Snowden party has already selected their candidate.

Obviously #Snowden2016 will focus on the United States of America, but Anonymous asks everyone in the global collective to participate in this all important mission. We also reach out to those have long ago lost hope in democratic elections. Now is our chance to change the system and correct one of the greatest ills of the modern age. Your political party does not matter, your religion does not matter, you race does not matter, your citizenship status does not mater, as this issue effects all of us. So long as we are all being watched, none of us are free.

Use this opportunity to take control of the issue. Show others that they do not need to be afraid by boldly proclaiming the scandal of the NSA and demanding an end to mass surveillance. Discuss issues of mass surveillance with friends and family, post about it on social media and blogs, join protests and rallies, and coordinate with activist and political groups, spread the #Snowden2016 tag as far as you can. Remember that you are not alone as Anonymous stands beside you.

This is our internet and we will not allow any government exploit it in this way.
Join with us in operation #Snowden2016 as citizens of the world reclaim their freedom of privacy.

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
United as 1
Divided by Zero
We do not forgive government corruption
We will not forget mass surveillance
in 2016 you can expect us

Operation #Snowden2016 is Engaged!


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