DARPA’s iXo A.I. Control Grid: ‘The Official Version’ #DARPA

D1          A1         R0         P1          A0






Actualizado el 8 de feb. de 2012

“…This was constructed almost entirely using government / military animations, videos, images and photos. The narrative is sourced from government quotes from start to finish…”

“…It unveils the governments numerous and ongoing programs related to A.I., “NBIC”, the “Global Information Grid”, nanotechnology, biotechnology, autonomous drones, “naval sea-bases”, space weapons, weather modification… or more directly: domestic and global totalitarian technological domination…”

“…This is the resources page that has all of the narrative quotes, and all the rest that I simply couldn’t fit in the video…-http://ignoranceisfutile.wordpress.co…
















Advanced robot soldier

Advanced robot soldier

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