El remedio de los ‘demasiado pobres’ (E671) – Keiser Report en español & Helena Norberg-Hodge

Helena Norberg-Hodge is an analyst of the impact of the global economy on cultures and agriculture worldwide, a pioneer of the localisation movement, and the articulator of the core ideas of Counter-development. She is producer and co-director of the award-winning documentary, The Economics of Happiness and is the founder and director of Local Futures/International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC).[1] Based in the US and UK, with subsidiaries in Sweden, Germany, Australia, and Ladakh, Local Futures’ mission is to examine the root causes of our social and environmental crises, while promoting more sustainable and equitable patterns of living in both North and South. Its activities include The Economics of Happiness, The Ladakh Project,[1] and Global to Local Outreach.

The Economics of Happiness

Helena Norberg-Hodge is co-director and producer of The Economics of Happiness, a 68 minute documentary made by Local Futures in 2011. The film describes a world moving simultaneously in two opposing directions. On the one hand, government and big business continue to promote globalization and the consolidation of corporate power. At the same time, all around the world people are resisting those policies, demanding a re-regulation of trade and finance—and, far from the old institutions of power, they’re starting to forge a very different future. Communities are coming together to re-build more human scale, ecological economies based on a new paradigm – an economics of localization.

The Economics of Happiness has been shown around in the world and been featured in more than twenty film festivals. It won Best in Show at the Cinema Verde Environmental Film and Arts Festival in Florida and Best Director Award at the EkoFilm Festival in the Czech Republic.



Publicado el 25/10/2014

En este episodio de Keiser Report, Max y Stacy comentan la cada vez mayor quiebra del Gobierno británico cual barco que se hunde en el río de la negación de George Osborne. Hablan también del remedio para los ‘demasiados pobres’, del problema de la democracia y los acuerdos comerciales globales. En la segunda mitad, Max entrevista a Helena Norberg-Hodge, de Local Futures, con la que conversará sobre su película documental ‘La economía de la felicidad’ en el período de aumento de la desigualdad.

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Antonello Cresti interviews Helena Norberg Hodge ENG SUB ITA

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