Winston Smith Productions Inc. Idea Lab [Data Management] live data


President: Winston Smith CEO: Hacksperger Media: Er1cBl41r   Marketing: Stephen Roissy. We experimented with live data, create autonomous entities through complex instructions for certain purposes.

The active and Ethical Hacker   [Experiemntal tool for data collection]***** fase Beta 1.0
OBJECTIVEControls the teaching data “information” to self-manage their potential.
Data, data, data. Hack the universal code. [Knowledge increases the chances of understanding the present and shaping the future.
#HackUniversalCode  [disassembling toys*****
#HelloDave [The game of life*****
#werther-bureau [Deliberation plans***
#TheGarage [Small spaces, we intimate and private. Protected. Disconnected****
#ZombieFarm [We released Zombies, deprogramming, emptied brains Incorrect evolution, brain infections brutal treatment.*****
#SpecialBrains [Mental computers*****

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