Tel Aviv Social / Another side of Israel

Hundreds rally in Tel Aviv for gay rights law approval



Pro-gay rights activists rallied to remind the Israeli government not deviate in the final approval of legislation on gay rights laws prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender

Thousands demonstrate in Tel Aviv for legalization of cannabis



21 December 2013 A rally was held in Tel Aviv in support of the cannabis law to be changed in Israel. Rally participants want cannabis legalized for medical, and leisure use.


Hundreds of refugees gather for a freedom march in Tel Aviv

Hundreds of Refugees in a Freedom March in Tel Aviv called to recognition as refugees and against detaining innocent refugees in prison/pertly open prison without a trail, and protested the arrest of Refugees yesterday and a few days ago after they march to Jerusalem,

After the Supreme Court ruled that it is illegal to keep refugees in prison without a trail they were moved to partly open jail, and made a march from the south to Jerusalem, where they were allowed to protest in front of Parliament but immediately after were arrested and Netanyahu called them in parliament “infiltrators” Yesterday was an attempt to march again, and it ended in a quick arrest


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