U.S. Economic Collapse Eminent Without Glass Steagall

LPACNEWS November 20, 2013 | Featured Webcast 11/15/2013 | LaRouche: Wipe Out Wall Street’s Genocidal Health Insurance Companies; “Obama’s Bail-out/Bail-in of Wall Street’s Insurance” Return To Hill-Burton Principle, & Single Payer Federal System | Reported November 6, 2013 • 4:48PM

“President Barack Obama’s nightmare experiment in Nazi medicine, known as Obamacare, has already gone too far and must be shut down immediately, Lyndon LaRouche stated today. The leading health insurance companies are financial vultures that are a branch of Wall Street, and they should be wiped out, LaRouche said. We don’t need Wall Street, and we don’t need the health insurance predators either. They are killing our people, and those of other nations, Hitler-style. What they are doing is a crime against humanity, and genocide is still illegal in the United States.

These are policies that Obama and his Wall Street backers have been instructed to execute by the Anglo-Dutch Empire and Queen Elizabeth herself, whose stated, explicit policy is to reduce the world’s population from 7 billion down to 1 billion human beings. Their policy of bail-out and bail-in of the so-called Too Big To Fail banks, like the same policy of bail-out/bail-in of the health insurance golems —which is all that Obamacare is — is already leading to mass murder, which is precisely the Queen’s intention.

In the same way that a return to FDR’s Glass-Steagall law will wipe out speculative banking, and allow commercial banking to serve the needs of productive activities, in health care, LaRouche added, all we need is a single federal system — along the lines of the Conyers “Medicare for All” bill — in combination with a return to the time-tested Hill-Burton medical standards, which will allow for rebuilding the physical economic health infrastructure to provide real medical care.

A swift return to Glass-Steagall, and an equally swift departure of Obama from the White House, are the first steps needed to return the United States to good health.

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