Chinese People Worried That The “Cultural Revolution” Is Back

Publicado el 21/09/2013

File:Destroy the old world Cultural Revolution poster.png

Recently, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) media
continuously claimed that it absolutely did not allow
any slandering words to attack the CCP and the regime.

The CCP promotes Marxism ideology again, vowing to use
the pen as weapon and write articles effectively.

Commentators believe that this move precisely shows the true
purpose of the current cracking down of online expressions.
The CCP openly turns to the “left”.
It likely a new “Rectification
Movement” and “Cultural Revolution” will be carried out soon.

On Sept. 16, CCP’s Qiushi magazine published an article
from view of netizens.

It said online expression is like the “cultural revolution’s big-
character posters”, which spread wider, faster and are dangerous.

Researchers of CCP history pointed out that “cultural revolution
big-character posters” can’t compare with online public opinion.

The online public opinion reflects peoples’ minds.

Zhong Weiguang, Germany-based expert on totalitarianism:
“The Red Guard big-character posters were then directly
controlled, influenced and operated by CCP central regime.

Among many posters, a small number reflected peoples’ true
voices, who took the opportunity to complaint about the CCP.

However, today, many online expressions
are peoples’ initiatives and opinions.”
Shi Ping, writer of the article in Qiushi magazine said that
people are always discontent with the regime.
The Internet is full of criticism and negative news.

What people have excessively criticized
about the regime, are not facts

People believe that online negative news is caused by the
regime’s long-term perverse acts.
People have the right to express their anger.

Zhong Weiguang: “If the regime can prove they are right,
they shouldn’t be afraid of people commenting on that issue.
If the CCP had real achievement, it shouldn’t be worried about
the public monitoring them and free expression.
In the West, people live in the standard society and know if a
government had achievement, it will never be afraid of its citizens.
If a government has legitimacy, then it has no fear of being criticized.”

The CCP’s article strongly supports judiciary interpretation
about measures of online expression crimes.

The editor claimed that the Internet legislation is
following the public will.

Online expression must be controlled.

It absolutely can’t ignore the “hostile forces”, which
using the social network to “destroy China”.

Zhong Weiguang: “The CCP has always been under banner
of public opinion against the people.
In China, the regime is a lie producer, including those
who control the internet.
Those lie producers, use lies to rule people.
They know the people need the truth, justice,
freedom of expression, and exposing corruption.”

People’s Daily has published a lengthy article
written by its director, Zhang Yannong.

Zhang cited Lenin’s article of 1905: “Party newspaper is part
of Party’s career, It can’t be push outside of the party for a minute.”

Zhang claimed that the opinion of “People are above the party”
is to deny the CCP’s leadership.
It attempts to get rid of the CCP’s leadership from
the media industry.

Zhong Weiguang: “The one-party dictatorship is above all,
So it definitely can not represent the people.
If CCP represents people, it shouldn’t fear whether people’s
Thoughts are the same or different to that of the party.”

Zhong Weiguang pointed out that the CCP has ruled
China for several decades.
It relies on one-party dictatorship ideology to run the country.
Any thoughts or expression against the CCP will be suppressed.
The CCP has felt great threats, thus the brutal suppression has
increasingly intensified.
Now the CCP promoted Leftist ideology again reflecting its fear.
To maintain its power, the “Cultural Revolution” may occur again.

File:Cultural Revolution poster.jpg



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