Desde la sombra: Washington, Londres, los sauditas. Columna vertebral del terrorismo (E43)

Publicado el 11/09/2013

En este episodio, Daniel Estulin habla del misterio que envuelve a los atentados del 11-S, y se refiere a los hallazgos y las certezas -provenientes mayormente de archivos del FBI- mediante las cuales la Comisión Parlamentaria Investigadora confirmó el profundo involucramiento del Gobierno saudita que proporcionó apoyo logístico y material crítico a los terroristas en los ataques del 11-S.

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Executive Intelligence Review

La Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) es una revista semanal fundada en 1974 por el activista político estadounidense Lyndon LaRouche.2 Basada en LeesburgVirginia, mantiene oficinas en una serie de otros países, de acuerdo a su directorio, incluyendo WiesbadenBerlínCopenhagenParísMelbourne, y Ciudad de México. Desde 2009, la Presidenta de EIR News Service es Linda de Hoyos,3 y el editor de EIRNancy Spannaus.4 Una edición en español es impresa.5

Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) is a weekly newsmagazine founded in 1974 by the American political activist Lyndon LaRouche.[1] Based in Leesburg, Virginia, it maintains offices in a number of countries, according to its masthead, including Wiesbaden, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, Melbourne, and Mexico City. As of 2009, the president of the EIR News Service is Linda de Hoyos,[2] and the editor of EIR, Nancy Spannaus.[3] A Spanish language edition has been printed.[4]

EIR is one of a number of publications owned by the LaRouche movement. Others include the New Solidarity International Press ServiceThe New Federalist21st Century Science and Technology;Nouvelle Solidarité in France; Neue Solidarität, published by LaRouche’s Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität in Germany; and Fidelio, a quarterly magazine published by the Schiller Institute, also in Germany.



Britains Invisible Empire: The Empire Today – Jeff Steinberg

Update: An updated report about the the modern Anglo Dutch financial and corporate structure is currently being worked on by the LaRouche basement team. Go to for updates.

Ed Spannaus introduces the September 1997 panel on Britains Invisible Empire. Copies of the Fall of the House of Windsor Report that he mentions are available at Counter-Intelligence editor Jeff Steinberg opens by detailing the structure and nature of the modern British Empire starting with Queen Elizabeth, her perrogative powers, the Privy Council, and the corporate power she wields. Are you deluded enough to think that the British Empire is a relic of a romantic bygone age? Think that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are mere figureheads? Living museum pieces, trotted out out once in a while to go through the motions of dull state events while the other members of the royal family provide scandal for the tabloid headlines? Subjects in her empire might repeat that poppycock, (probably because their mum told them it was so) , however, the truth is radically different. Jeff Steinberg presents the ugly genocidal reality of the corporate structure, the raw materials cartel, the mercenary armies, the modern opium war on most of civilization, terrorism, psychological brainwashing operations, & the religious and environmentalist lunatics, all run out of London.



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