Anonymous ►Dancing for Donations to assist Arrested Anons

Donation Campaign for Arrested Anons (#FreeAnons). Urgent Call for Donations: We need your help as our funds are depleted.



Yes, we are dancing for donations to assist All Arrested Anons. Our funds are typically very limited but we currently have less than $1,000.00. Should there be an emergency with a persecuted Anon, our ability to provide assistance would be slim to none. As much as we do not like to ask for donations, we count on them to provide assistance to the ones who have found themselves jailed or under indictment.

We have chosen to create a fun event where some very dedicated Anons have volunteered to make total asses of themselves to solicit your donations and support and all that we ask is that you consider any size donation to FreeAnons so that we may continue to assist the ones that fight for all. Of course, if you’re brave enough to make a fool of yourself for a great cause, please send us your videos of support.


Music: Vigilante “It’s our time” ►…

Donation Campaign for Arrested Anons (FreeAnons) ►

AnonOps IRC Network (Anonymous Opération) ►…

Radio AnonOps » The Official Radio Station ►…



a 7657 9876 7654

a 7657 9876 7654


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