Analyst of FEMEN has been brutally beaten up by security officials

Last night, FEMEN’s political scientist Victor Svyatskiy has been brutally beaten up by security officials. With the crushing of a person suspected fracture of the lower jaw, teeth knocked out, a great loss of blood Victor has been taken to hospital by ambulance.

On the eve of the official visit to Kiev FEMEN’s old enemies: President Vladimir Putin, the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev, as well as the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to the 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia, on 24th of July in the Michajlivska str, which is located at the Kyiv’s office of the movement, in the period from 22 until 23 pm employees of special services (in this case,we suspect not only SBU, but the FSB and KGB), one of the ideologists of FEMEN has been beaten up and threatened in the same way with the activists of the movement in the case of attempts to interfere the upcoming post-Soviet dictators’s mass celebrations on the anniversary of the baptism of Russia by protests of the women’s movement FEMEN. Arriving police officers stated “the work of professionals, with the purpose of intimidating,” since none of the wealth was stolen and style of beating of the enemies is not like athletes pals.

Within a few days the security services continuously harassed unknown to the general public male workers of FEMEN. Thus, the “preliminary talks” were held with the designer and programmer of movement.

Yesterday, during the day the movement’s leader Anna Hutsol and activist Alexandra Shevchenko, observed personally spying on them.

The women’s movement FEMEN confidently declares that today’s attempted murder close to the organization friend Victor is the only political bandit state act of intimidation of activists on the eve of a meeting of the sacred post-Soviet dictators, led by KGB-bastard in a cassock.

Victor Svyatskiy

Victor Svyatskiy

Victor Svyatskiy

Victor Svyatskiy

Victor Svyatskiy 001

Victor Svyatskiy 001


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