The debt time bomb that is Britain.

An apocalyptic documentary regarding the sorry state of the British Economy and it’s colossal debt mountain. Warning: Unpleasant content.

If MoneyWeek are to be believed, Britain’s love affair with borrowing has put us on a collision course with complete economic, social and political collapse. Osborne cannot save us now.

Released by MoneyWeek.

£10 trillion in public funds – MoneyWeek calculations based on historical welfare spend
UK Total Debt as a percentage of GDP – Debt and deleveraging: Uneven progress on the path to growth, McKinsey Global Institute, 2 January 2012
500,000 pensioners in 1909 — BBC article: The state pension turns 100, 31 July 2008 Average life expectancy – World Bank data, 31 October 2012
An estimated £5 trillion government debt — IEA article: True level of UK government debt exceeds £5 trillion, 12 November 2012
£120 billion net borrowing — Office for National Statistics: Public Sector Finances August 2012, 21 September 2012
MP Douglas Carswell quote — The End of Politics and The Birth of iDemocracy
James Callaghan quote — British Political Speech, Blackpool 1976, 28 September 1976
America, Japanese and Weimar Republic total debt — Global Financial Data, Bridgewater’s An In-Depth Look at Deleveragings report, February 2012
Salaries and pensions slashed up to 40% – The Guardian: Greece is ripe for radical change, 8 November 2012
Euro zone discussed capital controls — Reuters, 12 June 2012I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

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