WHERE IS THE JUSTICE? – Sex Work in Hungary

Sex work

Sex work

Joint film of SZEXE and HCLU

The Association of Hungarian Sex Workers (SZEXE) wishes to serve the interests and needs of sex workers in Hungary and Hungarian sex workers abroad. We foster the equal opportunities and human rights of sex workers since we believe that sex workers are human beings who have the same human rights as any other people. Building on the needs of various sex worker groups and their involvement in programming, we aim at protecting their rights, increasing their access to quality health and social services and lobbying for a more appropriate legal environment free of discrimination and exploitation. At the same time, we attempt to help those sex workers who wish to quit to spend as little time in prostitution as possible and have higher chances to find employment in other fields.

The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union produced an advocacy film together with SZEXE, in which they attempt to give an overview of Hungarian sex workers’ situation and come up with recommendations for addressing the problems.

Report on Violence and
Discrimination against Female Sex
Workers by State and Non-State
Actors in Hungary

PDF     http://www2.ohchr.org/English/bodies/cedaw/docs/ngos/SZEXE_ForTheSession_CEDAW54.pdf

La prostitution n’est pas illégale et pourtant… une répression massive s’abat sur les personnes prostituées lyonnaises





















#Prostitution : #sexwork is work !





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