On July 15, 2009, Natalia Estemirova was abducted and later found murdered because of her committed human rights work. In honour of her memory and with your participation we are proud to present a personal assault alarm for human rights defenders at risk.

Brazalete GPS

Brazalete GPS

Natalia bracelet

Natalia bracelet

Publicado el 05/04/2013

Everyday, people around the world risk their lives defending rights most people in the western world take for granted.
The Natalia Project was founded to protect these heroes with personal GSM/GPS alarms in shape of a wristband.
It alerts the local organization of the protected individual as well as Civil Rights headquarters in Stockholm an every one who has signed up via mobile, email, Facebook or Twitter. This page is the channel for any alarm triggered. Once a week we communicate the number of active wristband in duty to keep the page up to speed. Should the alarm go off, please alert others in your network and follow the various suggestions for actions suggested by Civil Rights Defenders.
It has never been easier to take side with the people fighting for human rights. Like us for continuos updates and potential alarms.

For more information about the Natalia Project, please visit


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