Anonymous – International Day of Privacy 2013

Publicado el 14/03/2013

Hello world – We are Anonymous – you stood in the streets – And spread the word – United as One – We would act again – and Divided by zero -On June the 1st, – and now – remember – the 23th february – WE – Are Legion – do not forgive – do not forget – expect us

International OrganizePAD:…
Info Page:…

Blog for Germany:

Protest WIKI:

For personal Information Contact: | | | | or Hashtag: #OpBigBrother or Via E-mail:


Server address AnonOPS International
Port: 6697 [SSL]

chans: #indect #indectFR #OpBigBrother
help chans : #opnewblood (US) (FR)

How to organized a Protest?
Poster:… &…

A German and French Video-Version will follow later :)
Anonymous News – follow us on:

Google Plus:


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