Sorry, But That ‘Chinese’ Hacking Report Proves Nothing




Last night security firm Mandiant published what appeared to be the most definitive report linking attacks on US firms and institutions with Chinese hackers based with the military.

It’s a remarkable report, laying bare what most people had long assumed — the Chinese government is directly linked to cyber-espionage attacks.

However, not everyone in the cyber-security world is convinced by the report, nor the New York Times articles and Businessweek cover story that have accompanied it. These experts hit back at any claims of a “smoking gun” in the report, instead arguing that more investigation is needed.

In a blog post today, Jeffrey Carr, founder and CEO of cyber security firm Taia Global inc, wrote that the Mandiant report had “critical analytic flaws” and that other theories had not been fully investigated as they did not fit in with the report’s anti-China bias.

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