Deepsec – Debugging GSM

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Deepsec – Debugging GSM

Slides : – Dieter Spaar, Karsten Nohl, Security Research Labs, BerlinThe popular GSM cell phone standard uses outdated security and provides much less protection than its increasing use in security applications suggests. Our research aims to correct the disconnect between technical facts and security perception by creating a GSM tool that allows users to record and analyze GSM data to see what security features were really implemented by their operator. The talk discusses a GSM debugging tool that consists entirely of open source software and open radio hardware. We will demonstrate how to record and decode GSM calls, even encrypted ones.Dieter reverse-engineers systems to an open source equivalents. Currently, his work focus is GSM where he contributed to the OpenBSC, OsmocomBB and Airprobe projects.


Deepsec – The Future of Social Engineering




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