Whats Your Philosophy ?

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I Am Not Trying Infringe Copyright and believe does not infringe copyright (e.g. it is fair use under US law)
I Created this Video.
This was part Of the Practical Research Project part of my final project at University.
Whats Your Philosophy ? is a Piece to make people think….I Edited together Lowkey’s Obamanation, Charlie Chaplin’s Speech In The Great Dictator reason I used them was to enthuse the fact things that were bad in 1940’s are still bad now maybe worse…I follow That with explaining dictionary meanings of these certain words the outcome is so undoubtable contradictable is unbelievable Look these words up: War, Terrorist, Terrorism, Philosophy, Logic, Compassion, Love. We all know who the real terrorizers of the world are unless you been living in a padded cell or under a rock! I end on Bill Hicks and I leave the last bit as a surprise. Rate, Subscribe and comment Think people!!! ask and question most things don’t believe everything you read in the paper

Whats Your Philosophy ?




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