Words of Women from the Egyptian Revolution | Episode 8: Om Ahmad Gaber

Publicado el 20/05/2012 por 

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The participation of women in the Egyptian revolution didn’t come as a surprise to us, nor do we view it as an extraordinary phenomenon.

Women are part of every society and form a part of the social, political and economical spectrum. It is history that tends in most cases to ostracize the participation of women and keep them in the shadow while highlighting the participation of men and attributing leading roles exclusively to them. This is why we want to document and share Her-story.

This project intends to shed the light on the participation of women and to document their experiences as part of the historical (herstorical) memory of the Egyptian revolution. We also view it as a tool for women empowerment everywhere and as a resource for researchers, students and everyone interested in the matter.

Art-Work Marta Paz
Sound Recorder Sandy Chamoun
D.O.P Laila Samy
Executive Producer Nazly Hussein
Edited and Directed by Leil-Zahra Mortada

Music by dAAX! “ressonances under our keyboard” from the album “surfing on m03b10s” / cc by sa

For the Creative Commons License please check the video.

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