Gmail hacking exposed by blogger in February

Fuente: Adam Gabbatt

China denies Gmail hacking accusations

Foreign ministry says hacking attacks are an international issue and claims critics have ulterior motives in blaming Beijing

Fuente: Jonathan Watts in Beijing and Adam Gabbatt

China denies Gmail hacking Link to this video

China has rejected Google’s accusations that it is behind a wave of high-level hacking attacks and said its critics had “ulterior motives” in trying to blame the government in Beijing.

On Wednesday the search company revealed that Chinese hackers have stolen the Gmail login details of hundreds of senior US and South Korean government officials, as well as Chinese political activists – although China has rejected accusations it is behind the attacks, suggesting critics had “ulterior motives” in trying to blame the government in Beijing.

FBI reviewing hacking of Google accounts:

The FBI is investigating a cyber attack that targeted hundreds of Google email accounts, including those belonging to senior government officials and military personnel.

Google believes the phishing scam, which tricked users into divulging personal information, was launched by hackers in Jinan, China, to monitor email content, Google announced in a blog post Wednesday.

The Internet giant said its internal systems were not affected and those targeted by the incident have been notified.

FBI spokeswoman Jenny Shearer said the agency is reviewing the matter. As with any cyber attack, incidents reported to the FBI are evaluated to determine if an investigation will be launched.

The Department of Homeland Security is working with Google and agencies to analyze malicious activity and mitigate risks, DHS spokesman Chris Ortman said.

Less than two weeks ago, hackers penetrated information systems networks at Lockheed Martin. The defense contractor said no customer, program or employee data was compromised during the attack, and DHS and the Defense Department are looking into the matter.

“Impact to DoD [from the Lockheed cyber attack] is minimal and we don’t expect any adverse effect,” said Air Force Lt. Col. April Cunningham, a Defense spokeswoman.


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