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#Free Alaa Abd El-Fattah arrested #arrested


CAIRO — Egyptian security forces arrested a prominent political activist Thursday night over inciting a demonstration in defiance of a new law heavily restricting protests in the country, his family said.
The arrest of Alaa Abdel-Fattah, a blogger who rose to prominence in Egypt’s 2011 revolution, quickly dominated social media. His previous detention sparked protests against the military, which appeared likely again as recently quiet liberal and secular groups have expressed increasing alarm over the military-backed government since it enacted the new protest law this week.

Egyptian Activist Alaa Abd El Fattah Arrested — Again

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Prominent Egyptian activist and blogger Alaa Abd El Fattah was arrested in his home at approximately 10pm on Thursday, November 28. An arrest warrant was issued for Abd El Fattah this past Tuesday, following violent dispersal of protestors in Cairo. Theblogger’s father told local media he believed the arrest was made under a new laweffectively banning street protest in Egypt. At least 51 people were arrested that day, among them several prominent activists. Many were beaten and sexually harrassed.
Alaa was taken by police despite having declared that he’d deliver himself to the police on Saturday, according to a statement he made and that his aunt, renowned Egyptian novelist Ahdaf Soueif, posted on Facebook.

Alaa Abd El-Fattah (Arabicعلاء أحمد سيف عبد الفتاح‎, IPA: [ʕæˈlæːʔ ˈæħmæd ˈseːf ʕæbdelfatˈtæːħ]; also presented in English as Alaa Abdel Fattah) is an Egyptian blogger, software developer, and political activist. He is known for co-founding along with his wife Manal Hassan, daughter of activist Bahi El-Din Hassan,[2] the Egyptian blog aggregator “Manalaa” and “Omraneya”, the first Arab blog aggregators that did not restrict inclusion based on the content of the blog.[3][4] In 2005 the “Manalaa” blog won the Special Reporters Without Borders Award in Deutsche Welle‘s Best of Blogs competition.[5] He has been active in developing Arabic-language versions of important software and platforms.[6]


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Egypt’s prosecutor general has ordered a four-day detention for 24 activists arrested during protests against a new law criminalizing demonstrations without permit, media reports say.

The detained activists were accused of violating the controversial law by not obtaining a permit from the Interior Ministry, by “using force,” and by carrying knives and resisting police, according to Egyptian state news agency MENA on Wednesday. 

Cairo also issued arrest warrants for two well-known activists wanted for inciting demonstrators to organize the protest. 

Authorities are seeking to detain Ahmad Maher, the founder of the April 6 movement against former dictator Hosni Mubarak that led to 2011 revolution in the country, and Alaa Abdel Fattah, a prominent activist. 

On Tuesday, security forces used water cannons to disperse demonstrators protesting outside the upper house of the parliament in Cairo. 

The demonstrators denounced a proposed constitutional amendment allowing military courts to try civilians. 

Egypt enacted a controversial new protest law on November 24, under which the gatherings of more than 10 people require a written permit three days prior to the protest. 

The controversial anti-protest law authorizes the security forces to use tear gas, water cannons, smoke grenades, warning shots, rubber bullets, and even live ammunition against unauthorized demonstrators after issuing warnings. 

Cairo’s crackdown on protesters has drawn criticism from UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay as well as the leading human rights group, Amnesty International. 

Tensions in the North African country have been running high since the first democratically-elected president, Mohamed Morsi, was ousted following a “military coup” early in July. Hundreds have lost their lives in the ensuing violence across the country. 


“Protests continue in Ukraine” ~#Ukraine: PM says he doesn’t want country to become a “battlefield” between EU and Russia

Ukraine Prime Minister Mykola Azarov says he does not want his country to become a “battlefield” between the EU and Moscow.


Brussels’ criticism of Russia after Kiev backed out of a trade deal with the EU has prompted a robust response from Moscow. It was “inappropriate” said President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman to speak of pressure from Russia.

On the streets of the capital Kiev opinions among the protesters differed.

“Ukraine is Europe and we have to consider ourselves as Europeans, our culture is closer to Europe. We are fed up with obeying the elder brother (Russia) for the past 70 years,” said Melnikova Olga a pensioner from Kiev.

Another protester Vadim Torpov used more strident language:

“Until the signing of the agreement with the EU if this doesn’t happen we’re going to change the authorities and the only question then will be which way to do it – the military way? Because after yesterday’s beatings by the riot police, people are ready to fight,” he opined.

It was on Monday night that violence flared around a van that some claimed was an undercover police patrol spying on protesters.

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has confirmed President Viktor Yanukovich will attend the summit in Vilnius with the EU and discuss possible three-way talks on Ukraine’s economic problems which would also involve Russia.

Azarov also announced that Kiev would start talks with Russia on reviving economic relations with Moscow in December. “We will draw up a ‘road-map’ for re-establishing our relations,” he said.

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La oposición ucraniana sale a la calle para exigir el acuerdo entre Kiev y Bruselas

Protests continue in Ukraine

Publicado el 25/11/2013

In Ukraine, thousands of demonstrators took part in a second day of protests against their government’s decision to turn its back on a landmark European trade deal. Meanwhile, former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko has announced from her jail cell that she’s on a hunger strike. Al Jazeera’s Nick Spicer reports from Kiev.

Ukraine: more clashes in Kyiv as protests continue against suspension of EU trade talks


West not Best: Sparks fly as Ukraine rejects EU

Publicado el 26/11/2013

Angry protests in Ukraine erupted into clashes with both police and protesters firing tear gas and pepper spray at each other. Tens of thousands took part in rallies after Kiev backtracked on signing an association agreement with the European Union. That’s as jailed ex-Prime minister Yulia Timoshenko has announced a hunger strike – in support of an EU deal.

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Papa Francisco: “El dinero es el excremento del diablo, nos hace idólatras, nos corrompe”

Trato personal y misericordia: la forma de ser del Papa reflejada en una larga entrevista

http://es.romereports.com No existen precedentes. El Papa concedió una entrevista de más de 6 horas al director de la revista Civiltà Cattolica, el sacerdote jesuita Antonio Spadaro. El Papa ya recibió a la redacción de este medio el pasado14 de junio.